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Urdu Naat Qawwali Andhere Ke Dil Main Chirag e Mohabbat By Amjad Sabri

Amjad Sabri’s Best Qawali ” Andhere Ke Dil Main Chirag e Mohabbat ” Amjad Sabri a Nice in Urdu Naat And Qawwali and this his This Qawali is very Nice And his Voice is Very Attractive Which llike First in this Qawwali Urdu Naat

[button-green url=”https://archive.org/download/AndhereKeDilMainChiragEMohabbat_201506/Andhere%20Ke%20Dil%20Main%20Chirag%20e%20Mohabbat.mp3″ target=”_blank ” position=””]Downlaod Audio[/button-green]  [button-green url=”https://archive.org/download/AndhereKeDilMainChiragEMohabbat/Andhere%20Ke%20Dil%20Main%20Chirag%20e%20Mohabbat.MP4″ target=”_blank ” position=””]Downlaod Video[/button-green] Amjad Sabri’s statement is depressing as Ghulam Fareed Sabri (Late) was well respected in India too. The reason behind including his qawwali in the film was to give him an homage and this can be something Amjad Sabri should be happy about,” Kabir Khan told Roznama Express.

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Replying to the manager’s claims Sabri told the publication he has been ‘ ’ that is mistreated and it is incorrect to add any popular tune in a Bollywood movie without permission. He added that, “ as I’ve brought in lots of acclaim and fortune in my state I ‘ve no such aspirations of visiting work in India.”

Urdu Naat Amjad Sabri

Amjad Sabri had previously told that he’s filed a request in court that was Indian against the picture’s music director Pritam Chakarborty as well as Salman Khan. “ himself has been named by him with no unique acknowledgement or thanks to my dad, as the music composer,” Amjad had said. “they’ve requested me to show in the event the qawwali is a property of Sabri Brothers,” he included. A kid can let them know that Bhar Do Jholi belongs to my dad, Ghulam Farid Sabri.”


Amjad said he just anticipated ‘settlement’ when asked if he needed any damages to be covered by the picture’s producers. Composer Pritam Chakarborty has reworked the variation found in the movie as well as the movie was made by Kabir Khan Pictures and Salman Khan Pictures.

Urdu Naat Amjad Sabri

Consequently, we’ve sent legal notices to them and “None of the authorities active in the making of Bajrangi Bhaijan approached us to get the rights, the general manager of EMI Pakistan, ” Zeeshan Chaudary, had told The Express Tribune.


According to details Purnam Allahbadi wrote the “initial” qawwali, composed by Maqbool Sabri and performed with the aim of recording soundtrack by Sabri Brothers.

Urdu Naat Amjad Sabri

Urdu NAAT Prophet MUHAMMAD .

It’s hard to track the real history of Na’at Khawani since of when it had been started, no authenticated record may be located. One early writer, Hassan Bin Sabit (R.A) , was known as ShaireDarbaareRisalat . Even he was a poet,

Urdu Naat Amjad Sabri

But to his poetry he gave a fresh turn after embracing Islam and began composing Na’ats in honor of prophet MUHAMMAD. He was renowned for his poetry that defended prophet MUHAMMAD in response to match poets that assaulted him and his faith. So Hassan Bin Sabit (R.A) is called the primary Sanakhawaan (Urdu Naat reciter) of that time. After that many a poet completely dedicated themselves to composing Urdu Naats and followed this style.

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