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Naat Sharif By Abdul Rauf Rufi’s Album Aarzoo e Rehmat or Maa Baap

Naat Sharif, or Praise of Prophets particularly Rehmatulil Alameen Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. are performed all across the Muslim world, particularly at events of Milad [or Mawlood] and other occasions. Recited and sung in melodies and instruments, various fashions, one or groups, Naat is a lovely gesture, which has been composed by greats such Hazrat Rumi, Saadi and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Below is attentive compilation of the Best and Most Amazing Naats ever performed.

Naat Sharif is extremely popular

type of tunes with out music to commend Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Usually this is a standard practice in ISLAM to commend Mohammed TOOL is Middle east and South Asian States. Especially in Bangladesh, Pakistan & India.

In 1999, Junaid Jamshed released his debut solo album Us. Since than he concentrated on singing hymns and cultivated interest in faith. Junaid Jamshed’s debut record Jalwa e Janan in 2005 was followed by MehboobeYazdaan in 2006.
as well as Naat khuwan. He has an enormous part in this and is really active. Junaid Jamshed is an active person in the Tablighi Jamaat. He often travels many aspects of inspires Muslims and the planet and for to boost their practice of Islam. His most favourite record Badee uz zaman was a well-known and unique record of the planet in Islamic Naat Area.Naat Sharif By Abdul Rauf Rufi

Turr Gai Kehray Dais Tu Maye
Jab Tu Paida Howa Kitna Majboor Tha
Aanay Walo Yeh To Bataio Shehr Madina Kaisa Hai
Meetha Meetha Hai Mery Muhammad Ka Naam
Sub Se Ola O Aala Hamara Nabi
Tala Ul Badr o Alaina


all over the world to listen Naat Sharif, bayanath, Khirath appropriate from their cell phone. Naat Sharif is a kind of poetry in which our beloved prophet PBUH commended sung. To move listeners that were naat we’ve supplied many naat around the planet. Naat Sharif or Naat e shareef are in distinct languages.
It’s possible for you to listen the mp3 right that is naat out of your mobile and share together with friends and family. We advise this program to be shared by you as friends and family to get rewarded with as many.
Naat mp3 app is a simple and very simple program, The single thing you should do is play your favourite naats and find the artist and install the naat program.

Urdu Naat By Professor Abdul Rauf Rofi Naat Album “Hum To Ghulab Ho Gaye ” Naat Shareef

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